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The Evaluation of the First Bahname Written in Turkish in the Ottoman Era Concerning Current Urology


Department of Medical History and Ethics, İstanbul Health and Technology University, İstanbul, Turkey


Department of Medical History and Ethics, İstanbul University Faculty of Medicine, İstanbul, Turkey

Turk J Urol 2022; 48: 446-454
DOI: 10.5152/tud.2022.22104
Read: 67 Downloads: 15 Published: 22 November 2022

Objective: Our study investigated the oldest known Turkish bahname, translated by Musa b. Mes’ud, in comparison with the current literature.

Material and methods: First, the original manuscript of the translation was transcribed in Latin. The final version of the text was analyzed in the results. In discussion, findings were examined and interpreted within the framework of current knowledge of sexology, urology, and andrology.

Results: Although the work mostly mentions supportive and therapeutic practices in sexual health, it also provides advice on sexuality and sexual life, discussing several topics regarding sexual intercourse types, explaining which ones are good or harmful, and their timing or frequency. The author recommends many foods and compounds or specific drugs and ointments to enhance sexual stamina and avoid erectile dysfunction. In addition, he also tries to find solutions to some other sexual health problems related to men and women. These issues are generally evaluated in the context of health; a religious perspective is also provided when needed.

Conclusion: Interestingly, the author’s recommendations on sexual health and herbal or animal drugs are consistent with the current literature. Nevertheless, some information and suggestions in works are entirely irrational and unscientific. Consequently, this study is an original investigation of the first translated bahname into Turkish. There is no other study examining the bahnames with this method. Thus, we believe that our work will be a significant contribution to the research literature.

Cite this article as: Karaman MI, Az A. The evaluation of the first Bahname written in Turkish in the Ottoman Era concerning current urology. Turk J Urol. 2022;48(6):446-454.

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