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Objective: Metastases from prostate cancer to the brain are very unusual and very few case series have been reported in the literature. Present study was performed to assess the proportion of brain metastasis from prostate cancer among other brain metastasis in men, to evaluate the distribution, pattern and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) appearance of these metastatic lesions, and prognosis of brain metastasis in patients with prostate cancer.


Material and methods: Between January 2010 and November 2016, 339 males who had received radiotherapy at our department were retrospectively reviewed. After the first evaluation of patients data, we reviewed only the patients with brain metastases from prostate cancer. We evaluated MRI characteristics of metastatic brain lesions and characteristics of the patients, tumor and treatment modalities.


Results: Ten of 339 patients (2.9%) had brain metastases from prostate cancer. Sixty percent of the patients had pure intraparenchymal metastasis, 20% of the patients had pure extensive dural metastasis and 20% of them had both. Seventy-five percent of the patients with intraparenchymal metastasis had multiple metastatic lesions. The median prostate specific antigen (PSA) level was 49.40 ng/mL and the Gleason score was ≥7 in all patients. Sixty percent of the patients had distant metastasis at the time of the diagnosis of prostate cancer. Median survival time in patients with brain metastasis was 4.5 months.


Conclusion: Lesions of brain metastasis from prostate cancer had a large variety of imaging presentation and it is very difficult to distinguish them from the other brain metastasis originating from other types of cancer. Presence of a disseminated disease, high PSA level and high Gleason score can be useful parameters for the prediction of brain metastasis from prostate cancer.


Cite this article as: Kanyılmaz G, Aktan M, Yavuz BB, Koç M. Brain metastases from prostate cancer: A single-center experience. Turk J Urol 2018: DOI: 10.5152/tud.2018.74555.

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