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A comparison between the efficacy and safety of microscopic inguinal and subinguinal varicocelectomy
1 Department of Urology, Health Science University Erzurum Regional Training and Research Hospital, Erzurum, Turkey  
2 Department of Urology, Atatürk University School of Medicine, Erzurum, Turkey  
Turk J Urol 2019; 45: 254-260
DOI: 10.5152/tud.2019.72547
Key Words: Microscopic inguinal varicocelectomy; microscopic subinguinal varicocelectomy; microscopic varicocelectomy.


Objective: To compare microscopic inguinal (MIV) and subinguinal varicocelectomy (MSV) surgeries with respect to efficacy and safety.


Material and methods: Patients who underwent varicocelectomy between January 2002 and January 2018 were evaluated retrospectively and prospectively. The patients who underwent varicocelectomy until December 2015 were analyzed retrospectively and the cases after January 2016 were analyzed prospectively. In our study, the married infertile male cases were compared on the basis of operation duration, number of ligated veins, number of preserved veins, postoperative pain score (visual analogue scale: VAS), patient satisfaction, surgeon satisfaction, changes in sperm parameters, testicular consistency, pregnancy rates, and complications, such as hydrocele, testicular atrophy, and recurrence of varicocele. Surgical success rates were compared by semen analysis between unmarried infertile male cases because pregnancy rates cannot be tested. The patients were recalled for control examinations every 3 months for 1 year and tested the above-mentioned parameters. Statistical Package for the Social Sciences Version 20 Windows Software was used for data analysis and comparison between the two groups.


Results: The study included a total of 136 adult patients. Mean age of the patients was 28.14 (20–41) years. MSV and MIV were performed in 62 (45.6%) and 74 (54.4%) patients, respectively. No statistically significant difference was detected between the two groups in terms of admission duration, semen parameters within the 1-year follow-up process, hormonal changes, and complication rates. Operation duration was significantly longer in the MSV group. It was determined that a fewer number of veins were ligated, and a fewer number of veins needed to be ligated in the MIV group. The analysis of all the patients revealed that pain scores at 4 and 24 hours postoperatively were significantly statistically lower in the MSV group.


Conclusion: MIV and MSV are distinct, efficient, and safe surgical techniques with specific advantages and disadvantages. Their efficacy and safety rates are similar.



Cite this article as: Demirdöğen ŞO, Özkaya F, Cinislioğlu AE, Altay MS, Adanur Ş, Polat Ö, et al. A comparison between the efficacy and safety of microscopic inguinal and subinguinal varicocelectomy . Turk J Urol 2019; 45(4): 254-60.

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