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Can alpha blockers facilitate the placement of ureteral access sheaths in retrograde intrarenal surgery?
1 Department of Urology, Gaziantep University School of Medicine, Gaziantep, Turkey  
Turk J Urol 2019; 45: 108-112
DOI: 10.5152/tud.2019.63373
Key Words: Alpha blocker; retrograde intrarenal surgery; ureteral access sheath

Objective: To investigate the effects of alpha blocker treatment on the placement of ureteral access sheaths (UAS) during retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS).


Material and methods: This study was a retrospective analysis of prospectively collected data. Patients who underwent RIRS due to renal stones between November 2015 and December 2017 were seperated into two groups. Age, gender, body mass index (BMI), stone size, laterality, hydronephrosis degree, and renal stone density were recorded. Tamsulosin (0.4 mg/day) was prescribed to the study group (n=25) 2 weeks before the operation. The control group (n=25) underwent the operation without any additional treatment. All the operations were performed using a 7.5 Fr flexible ureteroscope and 9.5/11.5 Fr (Cook, Blooming, USA) UAS.


Results: Two patients in the study group were excluded from the study as they suffered from dizziness and retrograde ejaculation. No statistically significant difference was found between the patients in the study group (n=23) and control group (n=25) in terms of age, gender, BMI, stone size, laterality, hydronephrosis, and renal stone density (p=0.470, p=0.536, p=0.456, p=0.102, p=0.555, p=0.732, and p=0.317, respectively). The UAS could be successfully placed on the first attempt in 15 (65.2%) patients in the study group and 11 (44%) patients in the control group during the first attempt itself. Even though the successful UAS placement rate was higher in the study group, no statistically significant values were observed (p=0.141).


Conclusion: The data obtained from the present study showed that the use of alpha blockers prior to RIRS did not improve the UAS placement rates. It is considered that studies conducted on more patients might be able to achieve significant values.


Cite this article as: Erturhan S, Bayrak Ö, Şen H, Yılmaz AE, Seçkiner İ. Can alpha blockers facilitate the placement of ureteral access sheaths in retrograde intrarenal surgery? Turk J Urol 2019; 45(2): 108-12.

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