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Active surveillance; Gleason Score; prostate cancer; tumor volume; transrectal ultrasound guided biopsy of the prostate. 261
Alpha-lipoic acid; antioxidants; bladder; ischemia/reperfusion; oxidative stress; vitamin E. 289
Androgen deprivation therapy; bone health; bone-directed therapy; fracture risk assessment tool; FRAX algorithm; prostate cancer; skeletal-related events. 245
Artificial urinary sphincter; revision; stress urinary incontinence; quick-connectors. 284
Biparametric MRI; cancer; fusion biopsy; prostate. 237
Bladder cancer; primitive neuroectodermal tumor; radical cystectomy. 316
Bladder; tumor budding; urothelial carcinoma. 273
Brain metastasis; magnetic resonance imaging; prostate cancer; radiotherapy; survival analysis. 279
Child; innocent heart murmur; nocturnal enuresis. 312
Chondroitin sulfate; hyaluronic acid; painful bladder. 296
Fibrosis; inflammation; interstitial cells; neurons; UPJ obstruction 302
Hair; penis; tourniquet. 322
Hematuria; recurrent Wilms’ tumor; ureteric metastasis. 319
Microscopic inguinal varicocelectomy; microscopic subinguinal varicocelectomy; microscopic varicocelectomy. 254
Open urethroplasty; success; urethral stricture. 307
Perineal; radical prostatectomy; robotics; transperitoneal. 265
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