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Alpha blocker; retrograde intrarenal surgery; ureteral access sheath 108
Asthenoteratozoospermia; fibronectin; normozoospermia; sperm chromatin; sperm selection 83
Atrophy; AUS; incontinence; male sling; post-prostatectomy 124
Biopsy; prostate; prostate cancer; prostate-specific antigen 103
Bladder pain syndrome; hyaluronic acid; ınterstitial cystitis; ıntravesical treatment. 129
Child; Doppler ultrasonography; leiomyoma; magnetic resonance imaging; paratesticular leomyoma 154
Circumcision; complication; phimosis 135
Collagen; elastin; intracavernosal pressure; penis; statin 91
Diabetes; odds ratio; incidence; stage; smoking; statin medication; urinary bladder cancer 97
Erectile function; penile rehabilitation; radical prostatectomy 77
Immunohistochemistry; renal cell carcinoma; ovarian metastasis 150
Kidney stone; questionnaires; quality of life 118
Outcome; pelvic fracture 139
Percutaneous nephrolithotomy; renal calculus; supine position 146
Post-chemotherapy; retroperitoneal lymph node dissection; robot-assisted 113
urethral injury; stricture; urethroplasty 139
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