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Keyword Index
Arba Minch; diabetes mellitus; urinary tract infections; South Ethiopia. 56
Bladder cancer; cancer staging; patterns of care; physical examination. 22
Body mass index; infertility; ultrasound 7
Bulbar urethra; inferior pubectomy; pelvic fracture urethral injury; urethral stricture. 1
CAUTIs; comparison; elderly men; middle aged; susceptibility; uropathogens 48
Children; continent catheterizable conduit; mitrofanoff. 42
Cholestasis; paraneoplastic syndrome; peritonitis carcinomatosa; prostate cancer. 70
DNA fragmentation; human papilloma virus 12
Early and late period; infections; renal; transplantation. 63
Education; percutaneous nephrolithotomy; surgical model. 31
Fecal incontinence; transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation; urological surgical procedures. 37
Hemiazygos vein; interrupted inferior vena cava; varicocele. 73
intracytoplasmic sperm injection; spermatozoa. 12
Microwave; prostatic hypertrophy; safety; thermotherapy; urinary retention. 27
Nephrectomy; partial nephrectomy; positive surgical margin; robotic surgical procedures. 17
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