Turkish Journal of Urology
Invited Review

Sperm function tests in clinical practice


Department of Urology, Ege University School of Medicine, İzmir, Turkey

Turk J Urol 2017; 43: 393-400
DOI: 10.5152/tud.2017.96646
Read: 1255 Downloads: 736 Published: 25 July 2019


Conventional semen analysis solely is not completely adequate to predict pregnancy outcomes. Therefore, advanced sperm function tests have been developed and introduced to clinical practice. These tests use different methods and techniques to evaluate different stages of fertilization steps. In this review, we reported some commonly used sperm function tests: sperm penetration assay, sperm-zona pellucida binding test (hemizona assay), acrosomal reaction test, hyaluronan binding test, hypo-osmotic swelling test, magnetic-activated cell sorting and zeta sperm selection. We discussed the literature concerning these tests, the utilization techniques and also purpose and mechanism of each test. We emphasized the importance of sperm function tests in predicting in vitro fertilization and pregnancy outcomes and in the management of infertile couples and also the limitations of these tests. Along with improvements in molecular biology techniques, we believe that more applicative and beneficial tests will be developed in the near future.



Cite this article as: Kızılay F, Altay B. Sperm function tests in clinical practice. Turk J Urol 2017; 43(4): 393-400.

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