Turkish Journal of Urology

Pediatric laparoscopic dismembered pyeloplasty: technique and results in 25 patients


Harran University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Urology, Şanlıurfa, Turkey

Turk J Urol 2010; 36: 233-237
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Objective: To evaluate the postoperative and functional results of the laparoscopic dismembered pyeloplasty (LDP).

Materials and methods: Between January 2007 and Augst 2009, we performed 25 LDP in our clinic. All patients presented with an ureteropelvic junction obstruction and dilatation of renal calyx system with an enlarged renal pelvis. Demographic data, perioperative and postoperative parameters, including operating time, estimated blood loss, complications, length of hospital stay, functional outcome were evaluated.

Results: The mean operative time for LDP was 115 (range 65-230) min and the mean estimated blood loss was negligible in all patients. The mean hospital stay was 4.7 (range 3-11) days. No conversion to open surgery occurred. In the follow-up, we noted success in 92% of the patients.

Conclusion: LDP, if performed by expert surgeons in high-volume centers, presents results that are comparable with open surgery, with lower surgical trauma for the patients. 

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