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Keyword Index
5-alpha-reductase inhibitors; active surveillance; prostate cancer 132
Amplatz; infundibular diameter; nephrostomy; PCNL; retrograde pyelogram 138
Anorectal malformation; epididymo-orchitis; hypospadias; urethtral stricture; urinary tract infection 162
Azoospermia; cryptozoospermia; infertility 109
Bladder cancer; cytochrome; gene; glutathione; polymorphism 125
Bladder cancer; neutrophil-to-lymphocyte-ratio; upstaging 119
Cardiovascular system; hypogonadism; phospholipases A2 103
Complication; cutaneous; fistula; radiation; urinary bladder; cervical; neoplasm 185
Cryoablation; perfusion; renal cell carcinoma; stricture; ureter 142
Disorders of sex development; laparoscopic orchiopexy; Müllerian remnant; persistent Müllerian duct syndrome 166
Dissection; lymph; node; perineal; prostatectomy; robotic 114
Focal therapy; fusion biopsy; multiparametric MRI; prostate cancer 93
Human herpes virus type-8; Kaposi’s Sarcoma; Scrotal Kaposi 182
Immunohistochemistry; leiomyosarcoma; sarcoma; testis 178
Infertility; knowledge level; university students 153
Percutaneous nephrolithotomy; stone; urolithiasis 148
Prostate; renal transplantation; TUIP; TURP 172
Key Words
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