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Adductor muscle Jerking; obturator nerve; spinal anesthesia; transurethral resection of bladder tumor; TURBT 507
Adrenocortical carcinoma; chemotherapy; mitotane; surgery 462
Animal ethic; laparoscopy; urology; wet laboratory training 429
Antegrade stenting; laparoscopic pyeloplasty; operative time; retrograde stenting 497
Azoospermia; chromosome 1; male infertility; pericentric inversion 560
Bacteremia; empirical antibiotic therapy; urinary tract infection 543
BCG; bladder cancer; instillation; survival 414
Biochemical failure; circulating prostate cells; minimal residual disease; pathologically organ confined; prostate cancer; radical prostatectomy 456
Biparametric magnetic resonance imaging; prostate cancer; prostate imaging reporting and data system 401
Cake kidney; pelvic kidney; renal ectopia; renal mass 571
Calcified nodule; partial orchiectomy; testis 563
Cave art; history of urology; phallus 553
Children; matrix metalloproteinase; pyelonephritis; tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase 1; urinary tract infection; vesico-ureteral reflux 536
Competency; malpractice; robotic surgery 425
Computed tomography; fiducial marker; migration; prostate cancer; radiation therapy 451
Cystocele; four arms; Mesh; stress urinary incontinence; transobturator 517
Dissection; magnetic resonance; prostate; prostatectomy 470
Duplex moiety; transurethral incision; ureterocele 530
Erection hardness score; IIEF score; penile Doppler ultrasonography 439
Frenulum; hypospadias; glans penis; penis; septum glandis 525
Hyperplasia; prostate; sildenafil citrate 434
In vitro fertilization; male infertility; sperm functional test 393
Infection; necrosis; penile 556
Kidney stone; percutaneous nephrolithotomy; stone opacity; supine position 490
Laparoscopic repair; menouria; pregnancy; vesicouterine fistula 512
Leiomyomatous stroma; nephron- sparing surgery; partial nephrectomy; renal cell carcinoma 566
Living related donor; nephrectomy; surgical complications 549
Metabolic syndrome; metabesity; prostate cancer; renal cancer 410
Methylene blue dye; spongiofibrosis; urethra; urethroplasty; urethral stricture; urethral reconstruction 502
Mice; resveratrol; testis; toxicity 444
Perineal prostatectomy; radical prostatectomy; robotic surgery 476
priapism 439
Silodosin; tadalafil; ureteral stone; ureteroscope; ureteral orifice 484
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