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Azoospermia; histopathology; infertility; m-TESE; pregnancy. 462
Biparametric MRI; magnetic resonance imaging; prostate cancer; simplified PIRADS; targeted biopsy. 453
Bladder neck mobilization; mixed urinary incontinence; stress urinary incontinence; translabial ultrasonography; urodynamics. 490
Candiduria; Candida albicans; Candida species; Iran; urinary tract infection. 445
Child; primary vesicoureteral reflux; recurrent urinary tract infections; reflux nephropathy 498
Complications; infection; percutaneous nephrostomy; radiology; results. 478
Continuing medical education; pre and post-test; reliability; urology. 484
Erectile dysfunction; hypogonadism; metabolically healthy obesity; penile duplex Doppler ultrasound 455
Intrarenal surgery; nephrolithiasis; stone-free; stone location. 473
Kidney transplantation; partial nephrectomy; renal mass 503
Lymph node dissection; metastatic; partial nephrectomy; radical nephrectomy; sunitinib; translocation renal cell carcinoma. 467
Neonatal; testicular; torsion. 511
Urethral bleeding; bulbar artery pseudoaneurysm; endovascular management; hematuria. 508
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