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Keyword Index
: Bladder cancer; complication; cystectomy; robotic. 311
Achievement; obstructive uropathy; percutaneous nephrostomy; postoperative complications; urologists. 329
Adult; cystic; kidney; nephroma; neoplasia. 373
Amputation; burn; circumcision; fistula; glans; penis. 351
Cancer prevention; compliance; healthcare utilization; health promotion; men. 298
Citation; dissertation; publication; urology. 341
Computed tomography; Hounsfield unit; nephrectomy; papillary renal cell carcinoma; renal cell carcinoma; renal mass biopsy. 316
Cortisol; Cushing’s syndrome; female sexual dysfunction 287
Desmopressin; enuresis; motivational therapy 346
Donor nephrectomy; hand-assisted laparoscopic nephrectomy; kidney transplantation; laparoscopic nephrectomy. Introduction 362
Dutasteride; erectile dysfunction; IIEF; tadalafil. 294
Elderly; nephrectomy; renal mass; survival 281
Etiology of hypospadias; chordee; curvature; hypospadias; pathogenesis of chordee; pathogenesis of hypospadias. 357
Galdakao modified Valdivia supine position; ultra-mini; percutaneous nephrolithotomy; total tubeless. 323
Large cell calcifying sertoli cell tumor; partial orchiectomy; testicular cancer. 370
Lower urinary tract symptoms; patient-reported outcome measures; psychometric. 335
Prostate cancer; renal metastasis; survival. 367
Prostate cancer; robot-assisted radical prostatectomy; surgical site infections. 303
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